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Our Aggressive SEO Package is specifically geared for highly-competitive SEO campaigns. It utilizes the most extensive on-page optimization and most diverse off-page link building activities that we offer.

This package is recommended for those businesses who need an additional edge. The Aggressive SEO Package includes highly diverse month-on-month off-page submissions and outreach including video creation, PDF submissions, etc.

This is the most aggressive SEO offering you will find on our website. We can build a custom plan for you, if you find that you require more keyword targets/SERPs and content creation. Please request use the button below for a free consultation, and we will discuss your specific situation in more detail. We also encourage you to review the FAQ section located on this page for additional information.

Our Most Aggressive Search Package Includes The Following Key Features:

  • Social Media Profile Setup: Google+, Facebook, Twitter

  • Monthly content creation and publication to your blog. Includes video channel setup and optimization, and monthly video creation and upload.

  • Monthly rank building through guaranteed blog outreach, magazine news placements, PDF submission, and press release.

  • Extensive On-Page optimization which includes web copywriting, tag and header optimizations, URL rewrites, and metadata optimization among others. (see package details for specifics)

  • Customized dashboard to track your campaign rankings. Includes the ability to access and view keyword rankings, website traffic reporting, Google SERPs report, and other data.

  • Extensive pre-campaign site audit and keyword research, grouping, and mapping.

Competitive SEO FAQs

  1. What is Competitive SEO?

    Competitive SEO is a much more potent SEO package for businesses with more competitive niches. Compared to our Organic and Local offerings, our Competitive SEO packages have more keywords, much more content, a more diverse content portfolio, and more rank building activities.

  2. When do I use a package from Competitive SEO?

    Competitive SEO packages are used on competitive niches. It is built to compete against other businesses who may also be using SEO to rank their sites. It is also advisable for businesses that offer a diverse products or services and want to rank on all of them.

  3. Do you have a bigger, more powerful SEO packages?

    Yes, we do. We have much more powerful SEO packages and can customize our packages based on your need for hyper-competitive industries.  Please note that a Project Manager or their SEO Consultant will have the final say on whether our most competitive programs are appropriate or not and these depend on the inherent power of your site, and it’s current digital footprint’s portfolio. If putting a hyper-competitive program on your website has the potential to harm it than help it, our Project Managers will strongly discourage you from purchasing this service.

  4. Do you cover other CMS other than WordPress?

    We are able to implement in almost any PHP based platform or technology or anything that runs on open source technology.  We are not able to implement on Microsoft technology or Microsoft powered websites because of technology incompatibility between those sites and our servers. Due to the training and experience of our staff, and WordPress’ ease of use, we offer implementation of our recommendations on WordPress websites as an added value.

    Charges will apply when the optimization of your site requires development changes such as new page building outside of the WordPress CMS capability, Custom post page types in WordPress, implementation in native PHP, HTML, Drupal, Magento, Joomla and other platforms.  To know if we shoulder the cost of implementation, please consult your Project Manager.

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