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Does a College Degree Equal Success as a Business Manager?

If you possess an accounting degree, you know how important the financial aspect of your business is. Applying the tools learned along the way can play a big part in how well your business does financially. Since these degrees stress not only the specifics of accounting, finance, and economics, but also such areas as human resources and marketing, a business manager with this educational background is well-rounded in many facets of the business world. However, many still wonder if those who earn accounting degrees online ultimately find success as a business manager. To learn more about this, here are some interesting areas to consider.

Budgeting Skills

For any business to succeed, managers need to have a good grasp of how to create and implement budgets. Since all departments within a company are expected to operate within a prescribed budget, managers having an accounting background are better able to evaluate how training, staffing, incentives, and other aspects of the company provide cost and dollar benefits to the organization. Along with this, they also have a much higher understanding of corporate cash flow. For example, when examining employee vacation costs, a manager with this background may discover it’s better for the company to charge these costs monthly rather than when they are incurred, since this may result in more accessible and more favorable quarterly financial reporting. Additional information about this can be found in Your text to link….

Justifying the Cost of Proposals

When a manager feels as if there is a policy that needs to be changed, a service that needs to be added, or additional employees that need to be hired, they cannot just ask for it and have it happen. Instead, they must submit a formal proposal to company executives, where they can justify the cost. For instance, if the manager wants to hire new employees, they must show the idea is a viable one regarding cost. By using their accounting background, they can examine the current company turnover rate, and evaluate that against the cost of hiring, training, and lost productivity. In doing so, they can then show executives the anticipated savings and efficiency their proposal will give the company.

Analyzing Return on Investment

Managers who have a background in cost accounting cannot only examine employee hiring proposals. They can also perform a break-even analysis to determine if specific company initiatives provide substantial returns on investment, better known as ROI. After all, companies are always looking for ways to decrease costs while increasing productivity. Having this skill can be invaluable to running a well-managed department. In addition to this, managers with accounting backgrounds are also much better equipped to deal with how software and system projects will impact a company’s operating budget, allowing them to provide insight into how new technology will increase efficiency.

Measuring Performance

When it comes to sales, inventory, quality control, and other vital areas, managers play a major role. They can use their skills to spot trends that may spell trouble for the company down the line. For example, a manager examining an increase in shrinkage within a retail store may conclude staffing levels need to be revised. They may also see that additional training needs to be provided for loss-prevention personnel.

Managers must have a thorough understanding of basic business principles. These principles, combined with various aspects of managerial and cost accounting knowledge, are essential. Today’s business managers can examine multiple aspects of their company and discover where improvements need to be made. In doing so, they prove themselves to be invaluable assets to their organization.





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