You are here::>5 Things Door-to-Door Sales Do That Make Them Wildly Successful (and How to Apply Them to Your Digital Strategy)

5 Things Door-to-Door Sales Do That Make Them Wildly Successful (and How to Apply Them to Your Digital Strategy)

5 Things Door-to-Door Sales Do That Make Them Wildly Successful(and How to Apply Them to Your Digital Strategy)

In today’s age, digital marketing is the new wave everyone should pay attention to. However, there are some crucial ways that D2D (door-to-door) companies use their sales that marketing can learn from and apply to their online strategy. So use these techniques in your marketing to avoid missing out on opportunities going forward:


One of the biggest takeaways from those who do D2D sales is their level of confidence. After all, it takes a dose of courage to walk up to someone’s door who has never met you and ask them to buy something. This confidence can be transferred in your online strategy by being more direct and asking for sales more often, which shows you believe in your product.


D2D pros always empathize with their customers when they throw them objections. For example, if someone claims to be too busy, the salesperson will say they understand how busy they must be due to kids, jobs, errands, etc. This creates a deeper connection. When crafting your digital content, be sure to communicate that you understand where your customer is coming from.

Tie Down

If you can get someone to commit to something with a few words, they will have a harder time getting out of it later. D2D sales companies use this strategy all the time. For example, they might say “ADT equipment includes flood sensors and carbon monoxide detectors — is that something you could see yourself using in the future?” If the prospect admits they might use in the future, then you can use those words against them in the future. Try this technique digitally by sending out surveys and then following up with customers than express interest in certain products.

Perfecting the Pitch

When you have a customer in front of you, you need to know your words. Fumbling on the script could be the difference between a sale and empty hands. Make sure if you hop on the phone to finish clients from your sales funnel that your script is air tight.


All door-to-door sales teams revolve around putting urgency in their offers. There needs to be a limit. For example, you can restrict coupons and deals to one weekend, or set an expiration date for a special price.

When it comes to digital strategy, there are a variety of factors at play. You need to get attention, build interest, ramp up desire, and ask for the action. One of the most effective selling techniques, D2D, has a lot to teach about online strategy too. After all, human and buyer psychology is universal.



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