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How to Train Your Sales Team Right: 5 Legal Issues to Avoid


How to Train Your Sales Team Right: 5 Legal Issues to Avoid

The danger of crippling litigation should be at the top of every business owner’s mitigation priority list. In the US, legal problems can cause irreparable damage to your business. Often, legal headaches come when you least expect them and can be in any form. For instance, legal issues may arise if employee training is not conducted properly. Here are the top five legal issues to avoid when training your sales team:

Ethics and Compliance

Your business may be held responsible for criminal misconduct by an employee in some circumstances. The incorporation of effective ethics and compliance training into the program can help with the promotion of a culture of ethical business practices as well as compliance. By covering the organization’s efforts to detect, prevent, and address wrongdoings in the training program, the company should be able to avoid such a legal situation.

Job Specific Training

Some state and federal laws require companies to train their employees on job specific functions. For instance, the sales and marketing team should be provided with all the information that is necessary and appropriate for them to execute their duties lawfully. Failure to offer this type of training may result in legal action against the business.


Companies should conduct nondiscrimination and anti-retaliation training among their employees at all levels. The training should involve the reading of the company policies as well as applicable laws on such matters. If an incident is reported and it’s learned that the company didn’t provide sufficient training on the matter, there will be legal consequences.

Sexual Harassment

Incidences of sexual harassment are becoming more and more common in the workplace. The issue of harassment goes back to recruitment – conduct a proper screening and check for red flags such as violence background or criminal history. States like Connecticut, Maine, and California require businesses to train their employees on matters of sexual harassment.


If the actions of any of your employees cause harm to another person, your company stands to face legal action. Such cases end up costing the company lots of money in settlements since you will be held liable. Proper safety training may help your business avoid such legal headaches.

There are many legal issues facing businesses today. The risks are spread across different groups of employees in the organization. Some are specific to the sales and marketing teams. The best way to stay on top of these legal headaches is to provide comprehensive training programs for all your employees.

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