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Getting More Clicks: Is it a Matter of Better Visuals?

People are much more likely to engage with your brand when visual marketing is used. Statistics show that people on the web are more likely to watch a video or look at an image when they have a choice between that or reading a block of text. As a business, looking to get more engagement and online traffic, you can use this to your advantage by adding videos, high-quality images, infographics, and screenshots to your marketing media. It may not all be down to your visuals, but we live in a world of graphics, and knowing how to use them effectively in your overall web design can help your success rate.

Video Brings High Engagement

If you sell a product or service and create a short video that entertains, explains, or educates, you can tap into the emotions of your customers. Most consumers are three times as likely to stop and consume a video rather than digest text. People also love to share videos they love and connect with. This can be a great way to break down a process, product, or just get more shares.


Image Love

Less expensive than filming video, images are an excellent way to provoke emotions as well. With people’s attention spans getting shorter the more they browse the web, it’s highly likely that they will stay longer on your website if you have beautiful images immersed between small paragraphs of written content. You can also drive traffic from image themed social media sites like Instagram or Pinterest. Use images to represent your brand by telling a story and getting people engaged. Do your articles completely through image stories and let them do the talking for you or your product.


Don’t Forget Infographics

People appreciate a well put together infographic that explains difficult or complex statistics. They would much rather consume short, condensed highlights than read through a bunch of descriptions, and the great thing about infographics is there’s also a good chance they will be shared. Web designers can create just the right colors, shapes, and fonts to present data in an attractive way for people who visit your website. It may be worth your time to invest in a professional web design service.


Screenshots Provide Substance

Let your audience in on your inner workings by providing screenshots of different services, testimonials, or marketing copies. Screenshots can also be used to back up your claims and create trust with your customers. By using a detailed screenshot and bringing attention to something you sell, you can offer a thorough explanation of your moves behind the scenes. With this in mind, you could also use screenshots in an infographic or presentation.


When these elements are incorporated into a website that has good color combinations that are matched to your industry, it will entice customers to stay and see what you have to offer. Use all your marketing knowledge and visuals to gain more clicks, attention, and notice from both clients and customers.

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