What quizzes should you actually write and publish?

Imagine turning your website and social media posts into content that’s like a basic form, but far more unique. It’s called a quiz, and as I mentioned in part one of this article, True or False? Quizzes are the most underrated part of content marketing quizzes aren’t just pointless fun and entertainment.

The truth of the matter is that quizzes are a fantastic way to instigate conversions (even in the most “boring” industries) because they unite attractive content with an integrated call-to-action. Per HubSpot, the definitive inbound marketing platform, A typical call-to-action at the end of a blog can be expected to generate a click-thru percentage of between one and four percent, but quizzes can lead to conversions at a rate of four times higher than that of normal CTAs.

It’s true. You can learn a lot about your customers using quizzes if you ask the right questions. First, though, you must understand them.

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Craft personas for your audience of readers

Who will take your quiz and why? You can’t know what will appeal to your readers if you don’t know them, so use your brand’s buyer personas to start.  What are their interests? What motivates them? What problem are they trying to solve? If you haven’t developed customer personas, do it now! Here are 9 questions to ask when you’re developing buyer personas.

Stay on top of trends  

Not sure what topics to use for a quiz? Look to Twitter or a tool like BuzzSumo to see what’s trending. It can be a topic or a keyword or (even better) it could be something trending for your competitor. After you’ve checked trends, ask yourself: how could I turn this into a quiz? Timeliness is critical, too. Whether it’s time for the World Series, National Teacher’s month, or time for a holiday celebration, there’s probably a topic related to your product or services that feeds the sense of now.

For the approaching Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur holidays (also known as The High Holidays), we created a quiz for JewishBoston that included questions about food traditions to famed baseball players: The High Holidays: How much do you actually know? It was timely, it was educational, and JewishBoston learned a lot about how much their audience knows.

Play on people’s (positive) emotions

I mentioned this in an earlier article, but it’s worth repeating: content that reflects positive emotions typically get the most shares. A few emotions you can speak to with quizzes are anticipation, surprise, awe, laughter, amusement, joy, anger, empathy, surprise…you get the idea. If you want a little more inspiration, The CoSchedule Blog posted a great article with a tip sheet of more than 180 power words for writing emotional headlines

Title, Title, Title

The title of your quiz is the most important element of all. Here’s a stat I shared earlier: 80% of readers decide whether something’s worth checking out or not based on its title.

If you don’t get the click, it doesn’t matter how fabulous the rest of your content is because it won’t get read. So, your quiz title is close to everything – or at least 50%. I say that because there’s a rule in marketing called the 50/50 rule that applies to content creators, too. It says content writers should spend 50% of their time crafting a clickable title, and 50% on the body of the content.

Simply put, without a great title, no one will take your quiz and that means you won’t collect leads or get social media shares.

There are countless platforms out there for killer quiz creation. I’m a longtime fan and user of QZZR, and if you do any Googling on this you’ll see I’m not the only one. Playbuzz is another popular and oft-used platform, and a lot of Facebook users turn to the easy promos app to create quizzes.

If you’re struggling to come up with ideas for great titles for quizzes, P4 Sales Consultants is ready to help. Visit us online, give us a shout (remember using a phone to actually call people?) at 888.904.2168 or shoot us an email: [email protected].

Together, we’ll come up with an idea that will blow the blue dress/gold dress debate out of the water!

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