Quizzes are a worthwhile way to share content and get feedback from your customers

True or False?
Quizzes are the most underrated form of content marketing.

If you don’t think quizzes are a worthwhile way to share content and get feedback from your customers, let me ask a few questions:

What famous writer should tell your life story?

What kind of sports parent are you?

How much do you actually know about foodborne illness?

Is your content plan more Don Draper or Donny Osmond?

Admit it, you’re intrigued – and these questions are all titles of quizzes being shared across the Internet (and yes, we created the first three).

Quizzes are one of the more addictive and shareable forms of content because they appeal to our most primal desires: to know more about ourselves, and to show other people how smart and unique we are.

I took this Food Network Quiz (Can we guess your age based on your food preferences?) and scored 23. I’m a long way from 23 so you can bet I shared my results!

Food Quiz Call To Action

Food Quiz Results

That’s one of the primary reasons you should be using quizzes – people love to share their scores and they get shared a lot. BuzzSumo data shows that on average a quiz gets shared 1,900 times (the main place for shares is on Facebook). That’s quite a lot higher than you might get from an infographic or longer form article.

Quizzes are one of the most underrated types of content out there.

Why should quizzes be part of your content marketing? They can drive social traffic to your website. You can collect new email leads simply by presenting an opt-in before the results of the quiz show up. Quizzes are fun. Quizzes are interactive. Plus, quizzes don’t feel like your typical marketing content.

Quizzes are a one-to-one medium where you can speak directly to each person who takes your quiz.

It’s a fact: the answers to your quiz questions can reveal useful data about your audience. Once you’ve learned more about them and their interests, you can develop even more content that’s relevant and addresses their needs.

Creating quizzes is quite simple, too. You can re-use existing content to create them because quizzes, by their very nature, are based on knowledge you already have. You probably already have a list of the top ten reasons to buy your product or use your service. Great. Now turn that into a quiz.

To get started, consider the two primary types of quizzes:

Graded quizzes (knowledge tests) prove how smart we are because they test our knowledge of subjects. They give you a score, which you can share on social media.

Outcome quizzes (personality quizzes) give us deeper insights about ourselves. They give some validation to our decisions (What’s your fitness persona? Should I be a content marketer?) and reaffirm our decisions in life.

JewishBoston, who “connects people to the rich Jewish life that Boston has to offer, and to one another,” asked us to create some quizzes focused on Jewish cultural traditions and holidays. We created a graded quiz about Hanukkah, as well as a certified kosher outcome quiz: How much do you really know about Jewish food? We had some fun with the outcomes and came up with four personalities based on scores: shlishkes savant, gefilte genius65079, matzo-ball maniac, and falafel fail.

Content (including quizzes) that is associated with positive emotions get the most shares.
The most important think when you create a quiz is to think about the implications of social sharing. Do people want to know which Walking Dead character they are? Is being an authority on Jewish food something they want their friends to know about? It’s important to connect with human emotions, and it’s been proven that content (including quizzes) that is associated with positive emotions get the most shares.

80% of readers decide whether something’s worth checking out or not based on its title.
While you’re crafting your quiz, make sure you write a title that’s irresistible. Microsoft will tell you to use more concise language when you write it in a Word document, but (believe it or not) titles with the word “actually” or “really” actually do get higher click-throughs! Questions that pose a question are also far more effective. Here are a few we’ve seen floating around Facebook:

Who said it, Isis or Hamas?

Which spirit animal are you?

Can we guess your age based on the music you listen to?

Are you a germaphobe?

It’s turkey time! How much do you actually know about foodborne illness?

There’s a lot more to talk about when it comes to creating content quizzes – including platforms to use – so we’ll continue this topic in another article.

If you just can’t wait to get started we recommend QZZR to create, embed, and share quizzes. It’s the most simple and elegant quiz tool out there, though wouldn’t you actually prefer working on some great quizzes with me? Give me a call at 888.904.2168 x101 or shoot me an email: [email protected]

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