Is Email Marketing Futile - Part 2 - Marketing Stat

Is Email Marketing Futile? – Part II

How is your email marketing strategy doing? Do your customers look forward to seeing your emails land in their inbox?

I nixed the idea that email marketing is futile in my last article (Is Email Marketing Futile? – Part I). I even provided some astounding stats that are proof positive that marketers should keep sending emails. People are still signing up for email in droves, but this doesn’t mean you should bombard your audience with meaningless spam emails.

We all know that content is the main way to attract and retain your audience, so finding ways to create good content should always be a top priority.


It’s all about the content.

It’s reported that email marketing works 40 times better at getting customers than Facebook and Twitter, and offers 17 percent higher conversion.

If you give subscribers content that is valuable, relevant, and consistent you’ll keep their interest high. Great email should be part of your overall content marketing strategy, which I’ve written about before: Why you need a content marketing strategy stat.

Just like blog articles, white papers, and anything else you create, if your audience could care less about your email, it’s not valuable. If your email content doesn’t speak to your customers, it does you no good. If you’re not providing content regularly, customers will find it somewhere else.

Even if your email content is top-notch, Grade A, superior stuff, it won’t be seen by the right people, and it will have little impact if it isn’t part of a solid strategy.


Email should seamlessly integrate with your other marketing strategies.

This seems obvious, but it’s often overlooked. What are you sending emails about? If they’re not communicating pertinent information that pertains to marketing efforts overall (e.g., a great social media post, an alert about an upcoming webinar, a hot new job opportunity), your emails will flop.

I’ll close with a couple of other stats from the Adestra report that intrigued me. If you’re honest, these questions have kept you up at night, too:

  • 43% of consumers give a real email address when they come to a website that asks for an email before continuing
  • 80% of consumers (across all demos) actually unsubscribe from emails they no longer wish to receive
  • 59% of consumers leave an email unread if they plan to read it later, 33% flag it


Need a partner to help you with great email marketing and content ideas?

That’s us. We’ll make your audience love your emails so much that they’ll never even think about unsubscribing from your list. Give us a call at 888.904.2168 or send an email to [email protected]. You can also request a free consultation online. Talk soon!

Is Email Marketing Futile - Part 2 - Email Marketing Joke
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