Is Email Marketing Futile - Part 1

Is Email Marketing Futile? – Part I

Our inboxes are under siege, is email marketing futile?

We’re all inundated with emails. The average person gets 121 emails a day (per a study by the Radicati Group). Humans get over 193 billion emails worldwide. And business emails account for over 108 of those.

These are massive numbers, folks, and that means the competition is (to quote Vizzini from The Princess Bride) inconceivable!

Does this mean email marketing is futile? Absolutely not.


There’s a lot of clutter in our inboxes, but email is not only alive—it’s thriving.

In terms of daily use – and consumer preference for marketing communications – email is the number one direct channel. A staggering 77 percent of customers prefer marketing communications from brands to arrive via email. This dwarfs text messaging (5%) and social channels (6%) – proof that email is the principal channel customers use for interactions with brands.

Despite the rise of social messaging apps, more than 90% of adults in the U.S. alone use email and 74% of teenagers are using email as their primary communication method from brands (per Adestra). And that’s in just the U.S.


Email marketing offers incredible ROI.

Email marketing is thriving because it’s familiar. It’s flexible. It’s universal. And it offers great ROI: for every dollar you spend on email marketing, you’ll receive an estimated $44.25 return on investment. Is Email Marketing Futile? - Part I - Marketing ROI The figure was reported by, who said the reasons the ROI is so high is because email marketing:

  • Keeps businesses at the forefront of consumer minds.
  • Provides opportunities for follow-up, which can lead to an increase in sales.
  • Increase referrals and build strong relationships with prospects and customers, which helps you position your business as an authority.


If your emails aren’t mobile friendly, you’re toast.

A whole new generation of mobile smartphone and tablet users are also propelling anywhere, anytime email usage. Generations of people are checking their email while they’re driving (BTW… Please DON’T do this!!), while they’re dining, laying in bed, and when they’re in the bathroom.

People check their email on their cell phones and tablets at least once a day, and if your emails aren’t optimized for mobile use, your audience will struggle to read them – or worse, opt-out from your list.

Proof that the lure of checking email is tough to resist no matter how old you are?: more than 55% of emails are opened using a mobile device, and for millennials, that number can be as high as 88%!!

Still think email is dying? Consider this: without emails, it would be nearly impossible for marketers to reach people when they’re not at their computers.

is email marketing futile - Part 1 - Mobile State Given some of these stats, the idea that email is dying is absurd – but don’t forget your audience when you send that next email. Subscribers joined your list because they want something of value.

Great emails should make your audience love them so much that they’ll never even think about unsubscribing from your list or (gasp!) marketing you as spam.

Do your customers look forward to seeing your email land in their inbox? Now that’s email marketing that thrives!

Stay tuned for Part Deux of this article. I promise more great stats and email content ideas.

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