Employer Branding | Does your employer brand make people want to work for you?

Does your employer branding make people want to work for you?

Your brand isn’t just about your logo, ads, and social media posts. Nor is it just about getting customers and clients. Your brand is also how you’re perceived as a place to work.

If you don’t define your employer brand, someone else will do it for you. And whether you like it or not, your employer brand is already out there.

Do people really want to work for a company like yours?

Your employer brand is your big chance to tell people why your company or organization is precisely the place they want to work.

Business Insider author Josh Tolan says, “Today’s workplace is like an echo chamber. Both positive and negative impressions of your company will be carried by employees, friends, connections, and complete strangers.”

Your consumer and employer brand is the highly social, totally public version of what people think, feel, and share about your organization.

Your employer brand tells people who you are and what people who work there care about – and what makes your company different. And believe me, it has a huge impact.

Of course, there are certainly companies who have a reputation for being not that great to work for.

Glassdoor reports that 60% of applicants WILL NOT take a job with a company that has a bad reputation – even if they’re currently unemployed. In fact, 56% of job seekers ranked Talent Brand – the company’s reputation as a great place to work – as the deciding factor when choosing an employer.

A whopping 83% of today’s employers agree that employer branding significantly impacts their ability to hire.

Yet, a recent report from Gallup says only 41% of employees felt that they know what their company stands for and what makes its brand different from its competitors’ brands.

So, who should be accountable for your employer brand? That’s the topic of some passionate discussions. Some people say the CEO should take the lead; some think it’s up to HR; still, others think that’s the role of marketing.

I think the content you share publically to attract workers should be completely in sync with your customer brand, and that means collaboration between all three. Care to argue with me?

If you have questions about employer branding or need help with your employer brand I’d love to help! Give me a call at 888.904.2168 x101, send an email to [email protected], or contact us online for a Free Consultation.

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