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Way back in 1996, Bill Gates wrote an article, Content is King, all about the many opportunities for companies to provide information or entertainment via the Internet. Twenty years later content is still king, and a business blog is a great and powerful way to distribute content. For starters, the only real way to get ranked by search engines is to create quality content and publish it. So, blogging, as a concept, is a handy way to add content to your website on a regular basis.

Social content consumption is also on the rise, so having blog articles you can share is an important part of your content delivery. Some 329 million people read blogs each month, and 27 million pieces of content are shared each day.

“Content is king, but how you deliver it is queen.”

That’s why content marketing (how a brand delivers custom content through its website and social channels) is key to building relationships and loyal customers. A great blog also tells search engines you’re worthy of higher rankings.

So, content is king, but how you deliver it is queen, and a blog is a great way to deliver content. It’s important to note that a business blog may get some loyal readers as time passes, but that requires one thing above all – consistency.

Once you start a blog, you need to keep writing and posting., and you don’t have to do it all yourself. You can hire someone like me or invite your team to write too (HubSpot lets everyone on their staff write blog articles).

There’s a whopping amount of content out there, so come up with ideas that will keep people glued to your blog –and keep an eye on how your content spreads across the Web.

Here are a few more reasons to have a business blog:

  1. Drives traffic to your website. When people search for terms that lead them to your blog posts, it keeps them returning to your website – and you gain rankings. Blog articles are fresh content for the search engines to find and rank.
  2. Helps with SEO. Every time you publish a blog post and create a new web page, you create yet another opportunity for your site to rank in search and appear for the queries people are entering into search engines.
  3. People (customers) like fresh content. If you’re generating quality content – things people are actively searching for and sharing – then you’re going to get more traffic. Adding articles that are simply keywords strung together isn’t the way to build loyal fans, though. It’s important for search engines to find you, but it’s vital for readers to like your content.
  4. Social Media Shares impact your search rankings. People are turning to social media more and more to discover content instead of searching for blog posts on search engines. That’s why Google is taking social media shares into account more and more when ranking your content and website. That means if you post a great piece of content that gets traction on Facebook, Twitter, or other social sites, Google will recognize this and it will impact your search engine rankings.

Why a blog isn’t enough

A business blog is an important tool in your content marketing toolbox, but it’s one of many tools.

Our Brand Strategist, Saralynn, writes weekly articles for the Doximity Talent Finder Blog that focus on product tools and other topics pertaining to physician recruitment. Doximity’s content strategy goes well beyond their blog, though. The team also creates and distributes downloadable whitepapers and e-books, hosts regular webinars, and more.

Do you need help setting up a business blog or strategizing your content marketing? We’d love to help! Shoot us an email at [email protected].

We also invite you to visit the following links to learn more about the services we offer:

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